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Welcome to Sous-vide Wiki
The wiki about Sous Vide Cooking

Sous-vide Wiki is an online guide to Sous Vide cooking (especially fork-tender meat) for home chefs. Sous Vide (SV) cooking is “long time low temperature” cooking in a water bath stabilized at the desired final core temperature of the food (mostly meat or fish) which is separated from the water by a (vacuum-)sealed plastic bag. It is the way to cook fork-tender and juicy meat to uniform doneness. Browse our Recipes to get started.

31 articles since June, 2009

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The Sous vide page from wikiGullet

Sous Vide @ Home ©by Peter Black

Give Sous-vide a try without buying expensive equipment

Little tips and tricks

Infusing cucumbers, melons etc.

Preventing bags from floating

Thickness ruler

Thickness ruler


Principles, technique, safety
  • Principles of Sous-vide cooking


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